Introducing the "Hybrid Dolly" for 2032R and 2038R Tractors.

3rd Jul 2020

Deck Dolly for John Deere 2032R and 2038R tractors with a 7 Iron style rear deck mounts. This design is a hybrid between the 7 Iron dolly for the rear mounts and the Universal dolly for the top or front mounts. Fits all size decks and may fit others that have the same dimensions for factory hook ups. With built-in adjust-ability, it is sure to fit your deck perfectly. See pictures to see if your deck matches. The rear mounts must be approximately 24" center to center. Please make sure that your decks rear and front mounts are similar to the pictures shown. If yours is different send me an email.

This dolly features 2-7" wheels. It also features the 5' long legs. Soft Surface Feet, Longer 6' Legs and Dual Wheels are available as options. 

This dolly may fit others tractors and decks with the same rear mount type and 


Email me if yours is different and I can help.