A word about Product Options

23rd Oct 2016

Recently we have begun to offer options when ordering your Deck Dolly and I want to explain what they are and how they affect the performance of the Deck Dolly.

1) Soft Surface Feet enable the Dolly to be used on softer surfaces than concrete such as asphalt driveways. 

We do not advise using the Deck Dolly on grass or loose gravel. The standard feet are meant to be used on concrete or a similar solid surface.

An added perk is that they add rigidity to the base with heavier decks.

2) Longer Legs (6') allow more leverage when lifting the heavier decks, especially on anything above 54" decks.

Standard legs are 5' long. Many people have said this really helps them lift the deck to the vertical position.

3) Wheel Options, You can choose between single and dual wheels.

Standard are 7" ball bearing, steel, 1/2" axle hubbed semi pneumatic wheels. 

Dual wheels offer great load capacity along with additional stability.  

The dual wheels offer better mobility over rough or soft surfaces.

6' legs are standard on the 2320,2520,2720 and the 7 Iron  Deck Dollys. All others are 5'.

          Dual 7" wheels are standard on the 7 Iron decks. 

          All others feature single 7" wheels.

         Shoot me an email at deckdolly@mtcnet.net if you have questions.