DeckDolly Blog

Introducing the "Hybrid Dolly" for 2032R and 2038R Tractors.

3rd Jul 2020

Deck Dolly for John Deere 2032R and 2038R tractors with a 7 Iron style rear deck mounts. This design is a hybrid between the 7 Iron dolly for the rear mounts and the Universal dolly for the top or fro … read more

New Universal DeckDolly Available

2nd Apr 2017

Hot off the manufacturing line is the Universal DeckDolly which fits virtually any mower deck. The benefit to this is you can use one dolly for all you mower decks. Also in the future I plan to design … read more

A word about Product Options

23rd Oct 2016

Recently we have begun to offer options when ordering your Deck Dolly and I want to explain what they are and how they affect the performance of the Deck Dolly.1) Soft Surface Feet enable the Dolly to … read more

Sign up for an account when ordering.

16th Mar 2016

Tip: Signing up for an account when checking out is a good idea. This allows us to contact you about updates and any important issues that come up with your DeckDolly. If you don't it makes it very di … read more