Deck Dolly for John Deere With 7 Iron Deck

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42.00 LBS
$24.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Deck Dolly for John Deere tractors with a 7 Iron Deck. This is designed for those decks with the 7 iron style rear mounts. Fits all size decks and may fit others that have the same dimensions for factory hook ups. With built-in adjust-ability, it is sure to fit your deck perfectly. See pictures to see if your deck matches. The rear mounts must be approximately 21 1/2" center to center. Please make sure that your decks rear and front mounts are similar to the pictures shown. If yours is different send me an email.

This dolly features 4-7" wheels instead of the normal 2-7" wheels for added weight handling and stability. It also features the 6' long legs for added leverage when lifting the deck. Soft Surface Feet are available as an option. See pictures.

Quit struggling with that mower deck and get the Deck Dolly to make transportation, maintenance and storage a snap. Easy hookups along with light weight make this a must have accessory for your shop.

Please note that these decks have a breather on the gearbox and it is possible that the breather could seep grease due to the way the deck hangs on the Deck Dolly. I have not had anyone tell me this has happened but I do want to state that this is a possibility.

Take a look at the videos below for operation and assembly. The 7 Iron Dolly is a little different but the same principles apply.

Just take a look at this video to see how easy it is!! 

For assembly video instructions click here.

For assembly manual click here.